Curriculum Pollo Campero El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar starts in 2012, and it makes a first approach at INFORMALS La Poderosa (Barcelona 2012) Since then the company continues investigating until they release their first piece: SEKVANTARO. PIEZAS CODEPENDIENTES DE DUARCIÓN RELATIVA EN LAS QUE LAS ACTRICES INTENTARÁN NO HACER TEATRO At V CENIT Festival, we they achieve the prize for best show. After that they perform in different festivals as ACT Festival, GREC-Antic Teatre Barcelona, Escena Abierta Burgos, In Tacto Vitoria Festival, FRINGE Matadero Madrid, Festival Fronterizo Santander, Ateneo Mucha Vida- Madrid…

viramune 200 mg buy online In 2016 they realese their second work LAS ACTRICES SIEMPRE MIENTEN at SALMON Festival, they achieve the Audience´s prize at FITT Noves Dramaturgies Tarragona 2017, they take part at Festival Flare Manchester UK and at Cena Cumplicidades, Recife Brasil. They also participate in Circuito de Salas Alternativas 2017 tour.

At this time they just released their new project: Parecer Felices (Seemly Happy)
They have just presented their third work, titled “Parecer Felices” (Seemly Happy), at the TNT-Nuevas Dramaturgias Festival (2018) and the Sâlmon Festival (2019).